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Myles Allen

Professor of Geosystem Science in the School of Geography and the Environment, and Head of the Climate Dynamics Group in the Department of Physics. Myles Allen’s research focuses on how human and natural influences on climate contribute to observed climate change and risks of extreme weather and in quantifying their implications for long-range climate forecasts.

Joan Arthur

Environmental Change Institute (ECI) Office Coordinator

Matilda Becker

DPhil Candidate at the School of Geography and Environment, researching mineral futures and geoscience in Arctic Canada.

Corneliu Bjola

Associate Professor of Diplomatic Studies in the Oxford Department of International Development. Corneliu Bjola’s current research interests relate to the impact of digital technology on the conduct of diplomacy, with a focus on strategic communication and digital influence as well as on theories and methods for countering disinformation and propaganda.

Heather Bouman

Associate Professor of Biogeochemistry in the Department of Earth Sciences, with research interests in understanding and quantifying marine phytoplankton production on a global scale.

Nigel Bowles

Distinguished Fellow, Rothermere American Institute. Nigel Bowles’ research interests lie in American political history and, in particular, in the history of the US Presidency.

Sam Cornish

DPhil student in Earth Sciences and OUPF Coordinator. Researching Arctic ocean and sea ice interactions.

Michael Coughlan

DPhil student in Mathematics modelling the growth and evolution of melt ponds on Arctic sea ice.

Maria Dance

DPhil student in Geography researching the links between Arctic sea ice variability and ecosystem change.

Alice Edney

DPhil student in Zoology with research interests in seabird ecology.

Bétina Frinault

DPhil student in the Seascape Ecology Lab, researching sea-floor ecosystems in the Antarctic seas.

Neven Fučkar

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellow, COP26 Fellow in Climate Risk, and Departmental Tutor. Neven is a climate scientist who focuses on climate dynamics, prediction and attribution, including an interest in polar climate processes.