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Fall colours, Arctic tundra
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Arctic Horizon Scan 2022

We recently held the Arctic Horizon Scan 2022 Workshop in Oxford. Motivated by the urgency of Arctic change, the workshop brought over 100 delegates together–online and in-person–to determine research priorities for the Arctic that will help research meet the needs of the future.

Hilltop view over a coastline. Rocks in the foreground.

OUPF is a hub for polar researchers at the University of Oxford. We provide a meeting point for researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, united by an interest in the polar regions.

Polar Research in Oxford

The University of Oxford is home to researchers studying the polar regions from all angles, with expertise spanning Anthropology to Zoology. Amongst other topics, Oxford researchers work on oceans and climate, ecosystems and the biosphere, Indigenous rights and environmental governance, language and culture, glaciers and sea ice. The Oxford Polar Forum exists to make connections across this incredible wealth of expertise, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing. We also seek to promote wider engagement with the polar regions and polar research. Though they may at times feel far away, these are regions of great natural and social significance.

Oxford at twilight from Magdalen Tower

Recent Blog Posts

Statement on Russia in relation to the Arctic Horizon Scan

The Oxford University Polar Forum condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces and is greatly saddened by the continued and unnecessary loss of life due to this war.

We recognise and will act in line with national guidance regarding scientific collaborations with Russian and Belarussian institutions. Our current research activity, the Arctic Horizon Scan 2022, will not involve any flow of capital to Russia or any formal partnerships with Russian institutions.

However, the Arctic without Russia is very much incomplete. Russia comprises over half the Arctic Ocean coastline, and is home to nearly half of the Arctic’s population. The Arctic Horizon Scan 2022 will consider research questions related to the Russian Arctic. And, as permitted by national guidelines, individual Russian researchers will be able to participate in the initiative.

In practice, we understand that it is not possible for Russian nationals living in Russia without a visa to come to the UK and attend the Oxford workshop in person. These individuals will be able to attend online.