Alaska Politics and Public Policy: The Dynamics of Beliefs, Institutions, Personalities, and Power.

Book Chapter

Thornton, T.F., Notti, E., Sattler, M. and Owletuck, G

Chapter title: Alaska Natives and the State’s Political Economy: Changing Power Relationships.
Published by: University of Alaska Press, Fairbanks , 2016
ISBN 9781602232907

Politics in Alaska have changed significantly since the last major book on the subject was published more than twenty years ago, with the rise and fall of Sarah Palin and the rise and fall of oil prices being but two of the many developments to alter the political landscape.

This book, the most comprehensive on the subject to date, focuses on the question of how beliefs, institutions, personalities, and power interact to shape Alaska politics and public policy. Drawing on these interactions, the contributors explain how and why certain issues get dealt with successfully and others unsuccessfully, and why some issues are taken up quickly while others are not addressed at all. This comprehensive guide to the political climate of Alaska will be essential to anyone studying the politics of America’s largest—and in some ways most unusual—state.

Categories: Arctic, Social Science