Emotion, Place and Culture

Book Chapter

Powell RC

Chapter title: Learning from spaces of play: recording emotional practices in High Arctic environmental sciences
Published by: Ashgate Publishing, Burlington, 2009
ISBN 978-0-7546-8921-8

Recent years have witnessed a rapid rise in engagement with emotion and affect across a broad range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, with geographers among others making a significant contribution by examining the emotional intersections between people and places. Building on the achievements of Emotional Geographies (2005), the editors have brought together leading scholars such as Nigel Thrift, Alphonso Lingis and Frances Dyson as well as young, up and coming academics from a diverse range of disciplines to investigate feelings and affect in various spatial and social contexts, environments and landscapes. The book is divided into five sections covering the themes of remembering, understanding, mourning, belonging, and enchanting.

Keywords: High Arctic
Categories: Arctic, Social Science