High Places: Cultural Geographies of Mountains, Ice and Science

Book Chapter

Powell RC

Chapter title: Canada Day in Resolute: performance, ritual, and the nation in an Inuit community
Published by: I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd, London & New York, 2008
ISBN 9781845116163

High mountains, polar expanses, volcanic peaks are exciting and special environments. 13 leading international geographers explore different aspects of these environments – disorientation, exploration, native knowledge, polar research. This is the first book to do this.High places – be they mountain peaks or the vast expanses of the polar latitudes – have always captured the human imagination. Inaccessible, extreme, they are commonly invested with awe and reverence, as places of physical challenge, intense experience. Increasingly, they are also treated as unique locations for science.”High Places” explores the fascinating geographies of these special environments, revealing how senses are challenged, objectivities exposed, cultural assumptions laid bare. Whether walking the summit of Pico de Orizaba, the fourth highest volcano in the northern hemisphere; recounting the tale of the American explorer Charles Wilkes, charged with ‘immoral mapping’ in Antarctica; or exploring the 200,000 year old Greenland ice core; the international contributors reveal the richness and significance of these unique locations.

Embracing Europe, Asia, North and Central America, Antarctica and the Arctic, “High Places” will interest geographers, historians of science, and those interested in polar/mountain studies, landscape, culture and environment.

Keywords: Canadian Arctic
Categories: Arctic, Social Science