Polar Geopolitics? Knowledges, Resources and Legal Regimes


Powell RC, & Dodds K

Published by: Edward Elgar Publishing, London, 2014
ISBN 978-1-78100-940-6

The polar regions (the Arctic and Antarctic) have enjoyed widespread public attention in recent years, as issues of conservation, sustainability, resource speculation and geopolitical manoeuvring have all garnered considerable international media interest. This critical collection of new and original papers – the first of its kind – offers a comprehensive exploration of these and other topics, consolidating the emergent field of polar geopolitics. 

The expert international contributors to this volume offer a range of insightful comparative, interdisciplinary and global perspectives on polar issues. Key topics discussed include resource extraction, regime formation, knowledge construction, border issues, governance and treaties, and indigenous livelihoods. Contributions from scholars of history, geography, political science, anthropology and international law make this a truly comprehensive take on the current state and future prospects of both the polar regions and polar geopolitics as a distinct discipline.  

Students and professors of geopolitics, political science and geography – especially those with an interest in the polar regions – will find much of value in this book’s concrete expression of a new and fascinating field.

Keywords: Polar Geopolitics
Categories: Antarctic, Arctic, Social Science