Proceedings of LingO 2007

Book Chapter

Leonard, SP

Chapter title: Spatial References in Icelandic: The Issue of Identity
Published by: Faculty of Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics, University of Oxford, Oxford, 2008

Alongside orientation terms, the rich system of spatio-directional particles in Norse is explored here in the context of identity and the settlement of Norse colonies. The use of these terms in Old Icelandic texts shows a high degree of conceptual and semantic continuity between the Norwegians in Norway and the settlers of Iceland and Greenland. In modern Icelandic, the use of certain Norse spatio-directional particles and terms of direction that were introduced from Norway has given way to the terminology of the peculiar Icelandic system of orientation.

Keywords: Linguistics, Old Icelandic, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Norse
Categories: Arctic, Social Science