Sustainability and Communities of Place

Book Chapter

Thornton TF

Chapter title: Chapter 2. Alaska Native Corporations and Subsistence: Paradoxical forces in the construction of sustainable communities
Published by: Berghahn Books, New York & Oxford, 2007
ISBN 978-1-84545-016-8

The concept of sustainability holds that the social, economic, and environmental factors within human communities must be viewed interactively and systematically. Sustainable development cannot be understood apart from a community, its ethos, and ways of life. Although broadly conceived, the pursuit of sustainable development is a local practice because every community has different needs and quality of life concerns. Within this framework, contributors representing the disciplines of anthropology, sociology, geography, economics, law, public policy, architecture, and urban studies explore sustainability in communities in the Pacific, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, and North America.

Keywords: Sustainability, Sustainable development
Categories: Arctic, Social Science