Indigenous delegates at Arctic Horizon Scan 2022

Warming three times faster than the rest of the world, the Arctic is experiencing profound environmental and societal change, posing great challenges for communities in the Arctic and beyond. Many of the solutions to these challenges will arise from research–the Arctic research agenda must be fit to deliver. Crucially, that means including the voices of Indigenous people who live in the Arctic 24/7. 


£10k+ to fund the attendance of 6-8 Indigenous delegates at the Oxford Polar Forum’s Arctic Horizon Scan 2022 workshop, held at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. The funds will support travel costs, accommodation costs and the workshop dinner (both at St. Peter’s College), and pay a basic daily stipend to the Indigenous delegates. One or more of the Indigenous delegates will be invited to speak at a public Town Hall event, increasing the impact of their attendance. The delegates will co-create a set of Arctic research priorities with an international cohort of natural and social scientists. The outputs will help shape the future Arctic research agenda.

Hilltop view over a coastline. Rocks in the foreground.
Settlement on Baffin Island


Dr Sam Cornish: 

Associate Prof Marc Macias-Fauria: 

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Progress towards target

13 July: £2k+

29 July: £4k+